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X-rays and the High-energy Universe

Radio Microwave Infrared Visible Ultraviolet X-ray Gamma-ray
RadioMicrowaveInfraredVisible UltravioletX-rayGamma-ray

X-rays are high-energy, small-wavelength waves of radiation. Since they pass easily through our bodies, we use them for medical diagnoses. They are almost entirely blocked by our atmosphere, which is why we study them with spacecraft.

© M. Karovska, et al. / NASA / CXC / SAOWhen astronomers study a galaxy in turmoil, they always see something fascinating. The Chandra X-ray Observatory studied Centaurus A (left) and found evidence of a huge jet spewing out material from the galactic core, as well as two arcs of x-ray-emitting gas.

This evidence from Centaurus A suggests that a supermassive black hole is stirring up the core of the galaxy.