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The Sky

Photograph Constellation Orion Griffith Observatory provides a report every Wednesday of what you can observe in the skies over southern California. There are also links to more information about what's in the sky (such as the Sun, Moon, planets, and other celestial bodies) and local astronomy groups to join.

For information about the Observatory’s Public telescopes, please check out the Public Telescopes and Star Parties page.

photo of the sky

Weekly Sky Report

The Sky Report provides weekly information on what's going on in the sky over southern California. The Sky Report can also be heard online, or on the phone at (213) 473-0880 (note that long-distance charges apply outside of the Los Angeles area).

Photograph by Anthony Cook March 24, 2009.

What's in the Sky

When's the next full Moon? Tomorrow's sunrise? The next big eclipse? These answers and many more can be found in the links below. As a resource for observing, you can find information about the Moon, Sun, seasons, planets. comets, meteors, weather, tides, satellites, and eclipses.


Local Astronomy Groups

Like a visit to the Observatory, local astronomy groups help people become observers. Check out the group in your area!