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Edge of Space

Edge of Space Exhibit

Understanding Space from Earth

The mezzanine overlooking the Richard and Lois Gunther Depths of Space exhibit gallery provides visitors with an experience that bridges the more familiar Earth-bound orientation toward the universe with a more cosmic perspective informed by the most sophisticated astronomical instruments ever built. The zone showcases samples of the universe that come to Earth from space or that we acquire through space exploration

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Pieces of the Sky Exhibit

Pieces of the Sky (Meteorites)

Earth is bombarded by a constant rain of debris from space. Most of it is fine dust that drifts down to the surface. Other pieces can be as small as a grain of sand or larger than a house.

Spark Chamber

Spark Chamber

A spark chamber detects energetic particles (mostly muons) that pass through it. When these particles encounter the helium and neon gases inside, they ionize the atoms of gas (by stripping electrons away from their atoms).

Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber

A cloud chamber shows the tracks of secondary cosmic rays that reach Earth's surface, mostly from space. The chamber contains alcohol vapor cooled to become supersaturated.

Moon Exhibit

Our Moon

Landing on the Moon changed everything. Earth's nearest neighbor in space was transformed from a distant object shining in the night sky to a world with a desolate landscape and its own unique history.


Observing Telescopes

The Big Picture enables visitors on the Edge of Space mezzanine to use simple Observing Telescopes mounted 60 feet away to explore objects in greater detail.

Cosmic News Board

Cosmic News

The Cosmic News display highlights the latest discoveries in astronomy and space exploration. Stories featured here are often presented at our monthly All Space Considered program.