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Edge of Space

Edge of Space Exhibit

Understanding Space from Earth

The mezzanine overlooking the Richard and Lois Gunther Depths of Space exhibit gallery provides visitors with an experience that bridges the more familiar Earth-bound orientation toward the universe with a more cosmic perspective informed by the most sophisticated astronomical instruments ever built. The zone showcases samples of the universe that come to Earth from space or that we acquire through space exploration

Explore the Edge of Space

Pieces of the Sky Exhibit

Pieces of the Sky (Meteorites)

Meteorites from all over the world (and solar system) are on display. Visitors can touch pieces of the Moon, Mars, and the inside of an asteroid.

Spark Chamber

A series of high voltage plates turns high-energy particles into sparks to reveal the shower of cosmic rays reaching the Earth.

Cloud Chamber

A sealed chamber of supersaturated vapor tracks the arrival of high-energy cosmic ray particles to Earth.

Apollo Landing Sites

Our Moon

A large rotating model reveals the Moon’s topography. Next to it is a real Moon rock brought back by the Apollo 14 astronauts.

Small telescopes

Observing Telescopes

Small telescopes on the mezzanine allow visitors to explore the deep space of The Big Picture exhibit across the gallery.

Cosmic News Board

Cosmic News

The latest discoveries and headlines keep visitors up to date in astronomy and space exploration.