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Signs of Life

There is plenty of life here on Earth, but where else might it be found? In Signs of Life, we discover what it took to put life in the universe in the one place where we know it exists.

Signs of Life is an astronomical detective story that propels visitors to uncover what it took to put life in the universe. Earth is the launchpad to Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and planets beyond our Milky Way Galaxy in a search for answers to the mysteries that captivate our imagination.

Show Length: 35 min.

Show Times

Weekdays (Thursday, Friday only)

1:45 p.m.

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Show Times

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About Signs of Life

Visit other galaxies with billions of Earth-like planets. Fly through the most scientifically accurate and stunningly beautiful star fields ever seen in a planetarium.

Signs of Life will change how you think about life in the universe.

The search takes us from the depths of the deepest ocean to the arid surface of Mars, from the interior of a living cell to the evolution of human genius, from the frozen moons of Jupiter to the scalding formation of a newborn planet.

If we find signs of life beyond Earth, even in just one place, it will verify what we already suspect: Life in the universe is not an accident. It’s inevitable. It’s a fundamental consequence of cosmic evolution.

Life is the real marvel of the universe.

Experience the Award-winning Feature Signs of Life, Only in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium

FullDome Award for Best Feature Film • 14th Jena FullDome Festival • May, 2020

Best fulldome visualization • 5th International Fulldome Festival “Reflections of the Universe”, Yaroslavl, Russia • June, 2021

Audience Award • Fulldome Festival Brno • July, 2021

Educational/Entertainment Exhibits or Theme Park Rides • Hollywood Music in Media • November, 2021

Official Film Selection • Macon FullDome Festival • August, 2020

Official Film Selection • St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) • November, 2020

Official Film Selection • American Documentary And Animation Film Festival and Film Fund (AmDocs) • March, 2021

Official Film Selection • SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater • May, 2021

Official Winner, Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Signs of Life (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Featuring original music by Dan Radlauer, Alan Ett, and Scott Liggett, Signs of Life (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack) is available on Amazon and Apple Music.

Presented by Griffith Observatory and Griffith Observatory Foundation

Directed by Bob Niemack
Don Dixon
Written by Dr. E.C. Krupp
Dr. Laura Danly
Bob Niemack
Chris Shelton
Don Dixon
Inspired by Lois and Richard Gunther
Story by Dr. E.C. Krupp
Produced by Dawn Fidrick
Bob Niemack
VFX Supervisor Gee Yeung
Executive Producers Dr. E.C. Krupp
Camille Lombardo
Mark Pine
Richard Semler
Co-Executive Producer Dr. Laura Danly
Original Music by Alan Ett
Scott Liggett
Dan Radlauer
Spirit Music Collective
Editor Frederick Kolouch
Production Manager Carolyn Manning
Production Coordinator Shirley Mims
Art Director Don Dixon
Astronomical Artist Chris Butler
Matte Painter Roger Kupelian
Storyboard Artist Micah Brenner
CG Generalist Tom Bradley
CG Generalist Jared Broddle
CG Generalist Shane Chambers
CG Generalist Estevan Guzman
CG Generalist Sean Golding
CG Generalist Eric Keller
CG Generalist Federico Rivia
CG Generalist Peter Szewczyk
CG Generalist Carl Vazquez
3D Modeler Karel Charles
Previs Artist Pablo Plaisted
Previs Artist Gary Lee
Animation Supervisor Ruel Smith
Character Animator Elaine Wu
Motion Capture Artist Federico Rivia
Motion Capture Artist Moon Hanson
Lead Rigger Navin Pinto
FX Artist Javier Garrido
FX Artist Mike LaFave
FX Artist Erik Zimmerman
FX Artist Patrick So
FX Artist Debra Isaac
Senior Compositor Brinton Jaecks
Senior Compositor Sven Dreesbach
Compositor Yasin Yalva
Compositor Azra Rosna Alkan
Compositor Jared Brient
Compositor Peter Timberlake
Show Production Technology Administrator Benjamin Roudenis
Pipeline TD Scott Ballard
Render Wrangler Oneal Douglin
Render Wrangler Todd Devers
Editorial Support Jeremy Carr
Pipeline Support Ross Kameny
Sound Design Jon Schell
Sound Mixer Michael Keeley
  Media City Sound
The War of the Worlds Radio play by Howard Koch
used by permission of Peter Koch.
Audio courtesy of the Orson Welles Estate
Voice of Little Girl Caddie Murphy
California Institute of Technology Dr. Renyu Hu
California Institute of Technology Dr. Heather Knutson
Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science Dr. Alex Hayes
Harvard Medical School, Director Molecular Visualization Dr. Gael McGill
Lowell Observatory, Archivist and Librarian Lauren Amundson
Lowell Observatory, Historian Kevin Schindler
Marine Biology Consultant Dr. Sandy Trautwein
NASA/JPL, Cassini-Huygens, Planetary Science Section Manager Dr. Bonnie Buratti
NASA/JPL, STEM Informal Education Specialist Amelia Chapman
NASA/JPL, Interdisciplinary Scientist, Rings & Dust, Cassini Dr. Jeffrey Cuzzi
NASA/JPL, Engineering Camera Team, Curiosity Mars Rover Doug Ellison
NASA/JPL, Project Scientist, Europa Clipper Dr. Bob Pappalardo
NASA/JPL, Cassini-Huygens, Cassini Project Scientist Dr. Linda Spilker
NASA/JPL, Mars Public Engagement Sarah Marcotte
NASA/JPL, Informal Education Specialist Jeffrey Nee
NASA/JPL Planetary Ices Group, Scientist Dr. Michael Malaska
NHM BioSCAN Project, Entomology Dept. Lisa Gonzalez
Southwest Research Institute, Juno, Principal Investigator Dr. Scott Bolton
UCLA, Evolutionary Biology Dr. Pamela Yeh
General Manager Michael A. Shull
Executive Officer and Chief of Staff Anthony-Paul (AP) Diaz, Esq.
Assistant General Manager (Special Operations) Sophia Piña-Cortez
Theater Programs Manager Patrick So
Performance Director Chris Shelton
Production Engineer Matthew Burlando
Zeiss Universarium Mark IX Programming David Reitzel
Executive Director Ann Marie Bedtke
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