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Samira Sohail

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Samira, a product maker and investor, blends global technology expertise with cultural understanding. Bridging continents, she nurtured digital products for BBC, the world’s trusted broadcaster, and Newsela, an education unicorn startup used in 90% of US schools. As a venture investor, she seeds bright minds with big ideas.

Her cosmic curiosity started young, with stick-on star constellations adorning her bedroom ceiling. This fascination led her to study Mathematics at the University of Cambridge and ignited her quest for lifelong learning with an adventurous spirit. She has sighted celestial wonders from Mount Sinai’s peaks to Mount Kilimanjaro’s heights, the vast Atacama deserts, and chased dancing Auroras Borealis in Finland.

Samira is driven by a vision of universal knowledge access and fostering creativity. An advocate of S.T.E.A.M. education and balanced thinking, she champions edutainment products that spark wonder. Her podcast series, Samira Stalks, features thought-provoking conversations with leading mavericks of our time.

Today, Samira leads Luxo Beta, a product and venture studio where she makes, breaks, and invests in startups across the creative, cultural, and educational landscapes. A global citizen with a local mindset she calls both Los Angeles and London home.

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