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Terri Bloomgarden

Board Member

Having a mid-August birthday gives me a gift each year with the Perseid meteor shower. Through the years I have shared this gift with family and dozens of friends. Taking people to remote places or even to our yard to observe this event encouraged many of them to take an interest in the universe. I want to be part of the effort to help others become aware of the worlds above us. Starting with school children, we can get them interested and engage their families with their newfound enthusiasm.  My goal is to have a Student Griffith Observer in every classroom in Los Angeles.

After working in publicly traded Corporate offices, I decided that it was the right time to see what was happening in the family business, Canter’s Fairfax. I have been there ever since.

My interest in the Observatory started on the 5th-grade tour and has continued through the years. I am honored to serve on the Griffith Observatory Foundation Board of Directors.

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